Rydym yn defnyddio cwcis i wneud y safle hwn yn symlach. Drwy bori trwy ein tudalennau rydych yn derbyn ein defnydd o gwcis. Mae rhagor o wybodaeth ar ein tudalen preifatrwydd a chwcis.
Gwaith cynnal hanfodol ar y wefan – Dydd Iau 9 Ionawr 2020

Byddwn yn gwneud gwaith cynnal hanfodol ar y wefan trwy'r prynhawn, a fydd yn effeithio rhywfaint ar systemau. Rydyn ni'n ymddiheuro ymlaen llaw am unrhyw anghyfleustra y gallai'r gwaith ei achosi a byddwn yn ceisio tarfu cyn lleied â phosib'.

Cyflwyniad i Gyfweld Ysgogol

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Course details:

Motivational Interviewing describes an organised way of talking to people about change, which helps them to recognise their problems and begin to address them. 

It is effective with a wide range of problem behaviours, usually about which the client has mixed feelings, from drinking and substance misuse, to medication adherence, to parenting strategies.

Course aims and objectives:

  • The underlying spirit of motivational interviewing.
  • The link between motivational interviewing (Miller and Rollnick) and the stages of change model (Prochaska et al).
  • Reflective Listening and the client centred OARS skills.
  • Identifying the goals the client wants to move towards.
  • Generating change talk (where the client talks about changing) and responding to it in a way that develops and encourages it.
  • Traps to avoid when talking to people about change.
  • Responding to sustain talk (where the client talks about sustaining the way they are right now) in a way that doesn't encourage it.
  • Timing, and negotiating a plan of change.
  • Strengthening commitment to change.
  • Developing your motivational interviewing skill and practise after the course.

For further information, or if you have booked a place on the course and have not received notification to attend please contact the Workforce Development & Learning Administrative Team. Please do not turn up to any course unless you have received notification of your place as the event may be fully booked.

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