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Infectious Diseases

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We monitor the control and prevention of cases and outbreaks of infectious disease. Cases are investigated to identify the cause and reduce the spread of infection.
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Infectious diseases are caused by micro-organisms such as bacteria or viruses. People can become infected through: 

  • Eating contaminated food. Visit the NHS Choices website for more information.
  • Drinking contaminated water  
  • Breathing contaminated air
  • Contact with an infected person 
  • Contact with contaminated surfaces
  • Contact with animals
  • Participating in some leisure activities e.g. swimming in the sea or in lakes
  • Workplace environments
  • Equipment (e.g. unsafe tattooing practices).

Infectious diseases in the workplace

If you work in the food industry, care sector or attend a school or nursery you have a duty to report your illness to your employer or person in charge.

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