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Performing Animals

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If you exhibit, use or train performing animals in Wales, England or Scotland, you must be registered with the local authority.
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An application/renewal for a performing animal licence costs £172 with additional veterinary report costs at the expense of the applicant).

Supporting Documentation

Applications must contain details about the animals and the performances they are to take part in.   Processing and Timescales

An inspection will be carried out by a local authority officer within 28 days of receipt of application.  If you have not heard from us within this timescales please fill in our online enquiry form

Tacit consent does not apply so your application must be processed by the authority before it can be granted.

Legislation and Conditions

Applicants and licence holders must meet the requirements of the Performing Animals (Regulation) Act 1925 ( and associated conditions.

Failed applications and appeals

If a licence is refused an appeal may be made to the magistrates court which may give such directions regarding the licence or its conditions.

Report a problem

Any complaints or enquiries regarding a dangerous wild animal please e-mail

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