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Financial Recognition for Social Care Worker Scheme - Stage 2

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Purpose of the Scheme:

The Scheme has been introduced by Welsh Government to recognise and reward the hard work and commitment of social care staff during the period of Covid-19 pandemic.

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Scheme Contents

  1. What is the Financial Recognition Scheme
  2. How we will administer the special payment
  3. When will the scheme open
  4. How payments will be made
  5. What happens after the application is received
  6. Privacy statement

What is the Financial Recognition Scheme

Eligible staff will receive a taxable payment of £735 paid in one lump sum or spread the over five months in five equal instalments. The payment will be made to social care staff who were employed in an eligible role between 1 June 2020 and 28 February 2021.

Who can claim

The following Providers/Employers can claim the financial recognition on behalf of their eligible staff in line with the eligible staff roles detailed in the WG guidance:

  • residential care homes including secure accommodation
  • Registered residential family centres
  • domiciliary care agencies
  • employment agencies
  • supported housing organisations 
  • private and third sector organisations commissioned by Social Services or Welsh Government

The scheme is extended to Personal Assistants employed by Direct Payment recipients which will be managed separately. For further information please email us on

How we will administer the special payment

The payment will be administered to Providers/Employers on behalf of their staff through a two stage process as follows:

Stage 1: Providers / Employers claim the financial recognition for eligible staff below.

Stage 2: Providers / Employers claim supplementary funding to cover the costs incurred as a direct result of the financial recognition scheme

For further information about the Scheme and who is eligible to receive the payment please read the WG guidance or email us on  

Providers / Employers can commence the application for the special payments scheme through the following links:

Stage 2

Providers / Employers can claim supplementary funding incurred as a direct result of the payment made under the financial recognition scheme. Before applying Providers / Employers need to determine their actual employer costs for national Insurance and/or Pensions as a result of the payment made in compliance with the guidance.

The Employer Claim Form shall be completed and submitted together with evidence in a form of extract/report from the Provider/Employer’s payroll substantiating these costs.

As part of the supplementary funding claim Providers/Employers are entitled to include standard overhead/administration costs at £2 per claim. Additionally, Providers/Employers may claim higher overhead costs where they can demonstrate the implementation of the £735 payment has resulted in them incurring significant additional costs in excess of the £2 per claim entitlement. Any such claims should be accompanied by supporting evidence (for example an invoice from a payroll agency).

When will the scheme open

The claim for supplementary funding will need to be made by Providers/Employers within eight weeks of the weeks of receiving the £735 payments. Failure to do so may result in these claims not being paid. 

Applications will be dealt with on a first come first served basis and the process is planned to be concluded by the end of December 2021.

There are two templates (only one needs to be completed) for you to save and the list of your eligible staff together with the actual employer costs for national Insurance and/or pensions. This will then need to be uploaded when you make your application. If you do not use Microsoft Excel, please use the Open Document Spreadsheet (ODS) format.

Please only submit the details in an Excel or Open Document Spreadsheet (ODS) format or this may slow down your application.

Employer Claim Form template (Microsoft Excel version)

How payments will be made

Payments will be made following the Provider/Employer’s receipt of a completed Provider Claim Form together with evidence that payment to eligible staff have been made. The evidence will be in a form of financial report/statement/payroll extract providing this clearly identifies the actual payment in full to each eligible staff.

What happens after the application is received

Receipt of the application will be automatically acknowledged following submission of the claim. 

We aim to process the application within 30 days of receipt subject to the correct information provided and checks undertaken.

The Local Authority may require repayment in full or part if evidence emerges that the application was not eligible.

If you experience any issues uploading large files, please contact us at

Privacy statement

This privacy notice [UPDATED] sets out how we intend to process personal data in order to complete the special payment process in Conwy.

By submitting your application you are agreeing to share your information with Conwy County Borough Council, Welsh Government and in cases of fraud the Police.

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