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Annual governance statement

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The annual governance statement provides an outline of the Council's governance controls and the procedures that are in place.
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What is Governance?

Corporate governance is the system by which an organisation is directed and controlled.

A good governance structure will include as a minimum:

  • governance roles and responsibilities
  • clear governance standards by which an organisation will be governed
  • a mechanism for measuring an organisation's performance against its governance standards.

To be successful we must have a solid foundation of good governance and sound financial management.

Corporate Governance Arrangements

Conwy County Borough Council is committed to ensuring good governance principles and management practices are adopted in all business activities to ensure public trust.

1)      The Local Code of Governance

Our Local Code of Governance provides a public statement that sets out the way in which the Council will meet and demonstrate that commitment.

2)      The Governance Framework

Our Local Code is underpinned by a Governance Framework which comprises the policies, procedures, behaviours and values by which the Council is controlled and governed. 

3)      The Annual Governance Statement

Our Annual Governance Statement provides assurances over the Council's Governance arrangements, together with identifying areas of future focus and improvement. The purpose of the Annual Governance Statement is to report publicly on the extent to which we comply with our own local code of governance. It identifies those areas where we have self assessed that need improvement.

This statement should be read together with the performance management accountability arrangements as detailed in the Annual Report.

Older versions of the reports found on this page are available on request from

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