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Censuses for other years

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The Census of Population has been undertaken every ten years since 1801 - except in 1941, because of the Second World War.
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However, changes to ward and County Borough boundaries mean that Census' taken before 1991 did not refer to the same areas we know today.

Because of this - and changes in the way data was collected - Conwy County Borough Council does not hold complete data sets for the 1981 Census and earlier years.

If you need to see data from 1981 or earlier, the best place to find information may be the local library. You might also want to try contacting the Office for National Statistics, who undertake the Census. Their details can be found here: Census advice and services.

Individual Census forms are confidential for 100 years, so 1911 is the most recent Census for which information about individuals is available. See the National Archives - census records for details of how you can access this information.

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