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Life in Rural Conwy

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Anecdotal evidence suggests that rural poverty and deprivation is an issue in Conwy County Borough. The Council's Building Resilient Communities and Tackling Poverty Board commissioned a piece of research looking at life in rural Conwy.
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In particular this work looked at those citizens who are in financial difficulty, as well as those who are not accessing or having difficulty accessing services within the county.


Key Highlights

  • The research found that there are strong communities in rural Conwy. Many of the individuals interviewed were happy living in their communities, and enjoyed the strong community spirit and rural lifestyle.
  • Many stated that they felt safe in their communities and that they would not wish to live anywhere else.
  • Villages in rural Conwy are socially active, for those that wish to get involved.
  • Rural communities expressed concerns with regards to the future of their villages; they were keen to see the next generation of volunteers take on more responsibility in their communities.
  • Rural communities expressed concerns regarding depopulation of young people, due to lack of employment opportunities, lack of affordable housing and the closure of facilities such as local village shops. Communities stressed the importance of having a village school in order to retain and attract families to rural communities.
  • Rural communities wanted to retain current services in their communities, to ensure that they remain strong and sustainable.
  • Those that used Job Centre Plus wanted to see a base in rural Conwy, and an improvement in consistency and staff attitudes towards them.
  • Many rural residents stated they were unsure where to get general advice, information and support. They look at local community papers and local press to find out about events in their communities. Those with access to the internet used social media to find out about events in their community. Community notice boards and word of mouth were also popular for finding out advice, information and events.
  • Rural residents explained that they expect to receive feedback from consultations that they participate in. Some rural residents did not feel listened to by Conwy County Borough Council and Town/Community Councils.
  • Some rural residents who described themselves as computer illiterate raised concerns that they felt excluded because they are unable to use a computer to complete forms, find out information, and for shopping and banking. Some also stated that they felt socially excluded because they are unable to use social media. Those that lived in 'not spots' or did not have access to the internet at home raised the same concerns.
  • There are residents in rural Conwy who do not wish to learn how to use computers and the internet. They expect to be able to access advice and information either in person or over the telephone.
  • Mobile phone data signal is poor in some rural areas. This has a negative impact on residents as they are unable to use social media, or access advice, information and services on their phone. Examples provided included job searching, completing homework, social media and council services.
  • Public transport in rural areas is vital to those service users that rely on the service. The research found that some of the service users either did not have family or friends to ask, or they did not like to bother them. Communities wanted to see more frequent buses, timetable information kept up to date at bus stops and buses to run on time.

If you would like further information regarding this report please contact us at:

Conwy People's Partnership
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