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Decarbonisation Plan

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We’re aiming to be a net zero carbon council by 2030. Find out about our Decarbonisation Plan.
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Conwy’s Decarbonisation Plan

Following the Council’s declaration of a climate emergency in 2019, we have developed a decarbonisation plan to show the route to becoming a net zero Local Authority by 2030. This will be delivered through the Climate Challenge Programme.

  1. Define scope of activities and emission sources to be included in the programme.
  2. Calculate the baseline emissions to be used as the start of the journey to net zero.
  3. Model the scenarios which will achieve the highest carbon reduction.
  4. Deliver projects within the Climate Challenge Programme.


Scope 1 emissions

  • Fuel used by Council owned and operated buildings
  • Gas used by combined heat and power plant
  • Fuel used by Council vehicles and plant

Scope 2 emissions

  • Grid electricity used by Council owned and operated buildings
  • Grid electricity used by street lighting and CCTV

Scope 3 emissions

  • Water supply and treatment for Council owned and operated buildings
  • Business travel
  • Staff commuting
  • Waste from Council operations
  • Purchasing of goods and services
  • Energy use by leased assets

The baseline – 2018/19 emissions (tCO2e – tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent)

Source of emissions2018/2019 emissions (tCO2e)



Business travel






Street lighting and CCTV


Supply chain




Total emissions


Climate Challenge Programme – Projects

We have set up 8 projects to deliver the programme. Each project focusses on an area that generates emissions and will look to change the way we deliver services to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Buildings – We will make improvements to buildings to reduce energy consumption.

Carbon offsetting – We will use opportunities for carbon offsetting on Council owned land.

Fleet – We will reduce emissions from fuel use in the fleet by using electric vehicles.

Local area energy plan – We will develop a plan to decarbonise the energy system within Conwy County.

Staff travel – We will work to reduce the number of business and commuting miles travelled and encourage staff to choose low carbon and active travel options.

Street lighting – We will continue to replace old street lamps with LED bulbs.

Supply chain – We will work with suppliers to decarbonise Conwy’s supply chain.

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