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Report a Flood

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If you are aware of any flooding problems in your area we would like to hear from you.
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Alternatively, you can phone us: 01492 577999

If you see blocked or overflowing drains, flooding caused by rivers or the sea, or flooding problems on roads or property, please let us know.

What you can report 

  • Main river
  • Minor river or stream (also known as an ordinary watercourse)
  • Coastal – waves – significant amount of waves splashing over the seawall or promenade
  • Coastal – floodgate – floodgates are open but sea conditions mean they should be closed
  • Blocked gully – a gully is a square metal grid, usually found at the side of a road. Commonly called a drain.
  • Blocked trench drain – a trench drain is a long channel with a grill cover which helps surface water to drain away
  • Blocked trash screen – a trash screen is metal bars that stops debris blocking a stream or river. They sometimes need clearing to allow water to flow.
  • Blocked culvert – a culvert is a stone, plastic or concrete tunnel or pipe that carries a stream or river underground
  • Manhole or combined sewer – a manhole is a round metal cover, usually in the road
  • Flooding on the highway
  • Flooded garage
  • Flooded garden
  • Flooded property
  • Near miss

What we don’t do:

Foul drainage – Welsh Water (call 0800 085 3968)
If you see toilet paper or effluent in the water, this is a problem with a sewer.

Private land – if the flooding is not affecting property this will be classed as a low priority issue.

Pollution incidents – contact National Resources Wales

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