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Responsible dog ownership

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Dogs can bring great joy and enhancement to our lives, but owning a dog comes with certain responsibilities.

As a responsible dog owner:

  • make sure your dog is microchipped, and your details are on your dog’s collar so you can be reunited quickly if it is lost
  • keep your dog’s vaccinations and worming up to date
  • don’t allow your dog to stray

The Dog Walking Code

For safe and happy walks with your dog, follow the Dog Walking Code devised by Natural Resurces Wales and partners:

  • always keep your dog under control and in sight: keep them close enough to come back to you on command.
  • don’t allow them to run up to horse riders, cyclists, or other people uninvited.
  • care for nature: don’t cause damage or disturbance, and never let your dog worry or chase wildlife.
  • keep your dog on a lead around livestock, near cliff edges or where signage requests it.
  • keep your dog under close control on public footpaths or access land, don’t let it stray.  Straying, or worrying of livestock is a serious offence and landowners can take direct action.
  • always bag and bin your dog’s poo wherever you are, never leave bags of dog poo lying around. You can use any public waste bin or your bin at home.

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