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Conwy Education Music Service

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Welcome to the Conwy Expressive Arts and Music Service.

The Expressive Arts Service offers schools in Conwy an exciting range of artist-led creative activities including dance, drama, music and art. The Conwy Music Service offers music tuition to pupils aged 7-18.

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Through workshops, projects and special events, Conwy Expressive Arts makes it possible for children and young people to explore their creativity and develop new skills.

We are currently able to offer instrument tuition to pupils at school and are now in a position to be increasing our provision over time to include:

  • Curricular instrument classroom lessons
  • Curricular/Curriculum for Wales classroom projects
  • Music groups
  • Specific group events to target key groups of pupils
  • Practical workshops
  • Curricular aid to support exam-aged students
  • Extra-curricular activities and events

Current Provision

The Conwy Music Service offers schools the opportunity for all pupils aged 7-18 the opportunity to learn with specialist tutors.


The Conwy Music Service offers:

  • Strings: violin, viola, cello and double bass
  • Brass: cornet, trumpet, trombone, tenor horn, euphonium, French horn and tuba
  • Woodwind: flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe and bassoon
  • Harp
  • Guitar: classical acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass
  • Percussion: drum kit, timpani and tuned percussion
  • Voice
  • Keyboard

Not every instrument is available in every school but why not talk to your child’s school to see if a new instrument can be introduced?

Benefits of learning music

Children learning an instrument:

  • Do better in school
  • Are happier and healthier
  • Meet other children and teachers in new social settings
  • Develop skills – team-work, concentration, self-discipline, memory
  • Gain confidence and self-esteem

Starting lessons

Talk to your school about the music tuition available and make your request to your school’s Head teacher, Head of Music or Music Coordinator.

Your child can have a taster session, meet the tutor and try out an instrument. After the taster session, you can agree a start date for lessons with the school.

Most children start having lessons in September.

Music lessons are usually taught in the pupil’s school during normal school hours. Secondary schools usually organise a rota system so that pupils don’t miss the same subject lesson each week.

Pupils are taught in small groups, pairs or individually depending on the instrument. Often pupils of a similar standard are grouped together.



Instruments are loaned free of charge to schools (apart from the harp, percussion and keyboard/piano) who, in turn, loan them free of charge to pupils. An instrument can be loaned for up to three years.

Once a child’s interest is established, parents are encouraged to buy pupils their own instruments.

AIPS (The Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme) supports schools to buy weekly tuition instruments and sell them to parents with no VAT – a real saving.

Instruments are expensive and valuable. We expect learners to treat instruments with respect and in accordance with their tutor’s instructions.

We have facility to help you hire a harp for the year at a very reasonable price. Please speak to the harp tutor.


The Local Authority provides the service and sets the costs of the lessons. Payment is collected via ParentPay through each individual schools’ administrative process.

Each lesson costs £6. Depending on logistics, your child may be taught as an individual, pair or group. If your child takes on a second instrument or a sibling takes lessons then the cost from there on is reduced to £4. Pupils eligible for free school meals receive free lessons. At secondary level pupils may receive extended lessons at an additional cost. The service is offered over 32 weeks of the year but there may be small variations school by school.

Fees are payable each term or annually. There is no reimbursement if your child decides to withdraw from lessons at any point through the term as the cost and timetable of the tutor has been allocated.

Depending on the instrument, you might need to buy a tutor book and small items such as strings, reeds and oils. The tutor will advise you.

Fees are payable to take Music Exams with a recognised music board such as the ABRSM. You may also be asked to contribute to the cost of an accompanist.

How you can help your child

Learning to play an instrument or to sing is rewarding AND a challenge. You can help your child by reminding them to remember their instrument and music on lesson day, encouraging them to practice as often as possible.

Contact Details

As Covid restrictions subside then we will inform you here of further provision.

The Local Authority would like to thank its schools for supporting the music service and giving pupils such an important opportunity.

Contact for further advice or queries


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