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Advantages to being bilingual

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Have you considered Welsh medium education? We have a wealth of information to help you with this important decision.
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Why choose Welsh medium Education?

Welsh-medium education can offer your child additional opportunities, experiences and skills whatever the language of the home.

What are the advantages of being bilingual / multilingual?

There are many benefits to being bilingual / multilingual. 

Your child can:

  • communicate fluently and confidently in English and Welsh
  • do as well, if not better, in English as children receiving English medium education
  • perform better in tasks
  • learn other languages more easily
  • transition from primary to secondary with ease
  • be part of the wider community and this will give them a strong identity and sense of belonging
  • have a rich experience of the culture, history and the identity of Wales

Speaking two languages:

  • gives another skill to put on an application form 
  • is very useful in the workplace as an increasing number of posts state the ability to speak Welsh as an essential or desirable skill
  • supports employers in Wales to be able to provide services bilingually in a variety of areas such as health, education, leisure, childcare, retail and public services
  • enables bilingual people to earn on average 11% of extra pay

Can every child / pupil access Welsh medium Education in Conwy County?

Welsh-medium Education provision is accessible to every child in every area of Conwy County.

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