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It is an offence to throw down, drop or otherwise deposit and then leave, litter in any place in the open air.
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We want to encourage residents and visitors not to drop litter and to keep the area clean.

What you should do

  • Put your litter in a bin
  • If there isn't a bin, keep your waste for later disposal

Littering Offences

This could be anything that effects the environment. Types of offences such as, dropping chewing gum, fast food packaging and sweet wrappers is littering. Throwing a cigarette end down a drain is also littering (it is illegal and pollutes the waterways) as is throwing litter out of a car.

There is no requirement that signs are in place informing you that it is an offence to drop litter.

The Penalty

Anyone caught dropping litter will be issued with a £75 Fixed Penalty Notice in the first instance. If this is not paid, the matter is referred to the Magistrates Court. If convicted of littering a fine can be given up to £2500.

Local Litter Picking Hubs

Borrow a free litter picking kit and help look after your local area
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