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In selected locations, the Council or partners such as Town or Community Councils may seek to operate the footfall tracking features from wifi access points delivering the free wifi service. 

For this purpose only the MAC address (a unique identifier) of any internet connected device is detected by the access points to track movement and time spent in any location covered so that generalised reports of movement can be analysed. 

It is important to note that MAC addresses by default are randomised by your device and no personally identifiable information such as name, phone number, date of birth, contact details or any other data from mobile devices is collected as part of this anonymised tracking process. It would not be possible to collect additional information to link a MAC address to an individual or access activity from an internet capable device without ensuring any user has first provided consent to do so. This system cannot model or profile individuals and only reports back on aggregated, generalised patterns of behaviour such as estimates of numbers of people along Mostyn Street at various times of day.

At present the only location in which this service is in use is in Llandudno along Mostyn Street up to the Pier. The aim of collecting this anonymised footfall data is to help inform decisions made by the Council, it’s partners and businesses around supporting regeneration and future investment opportunities in town centres.

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