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Unauthorised Encampment Protocol

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Report received
Passed to Single Point of Contact (SPOC)
Estates check land ownership


SPOC sends acknowledgement email to informant
SPOC organises Initial encampment assessment within 24 hrs (3 departments cover unauthorised encampments within the Local Authority)
Welfare assessment completed if appropriate within 3 working days
Case conference with appropriate agencies


SPOC Decision recommendation presented to Head of Regulatory & Housing Services

SPOC emails decision to landowning department & Legal Services


Landowning department serves initial notice of intent to commence eviction proceedings
Legal Services instruction by landowning department
Legal notify landowning department of hearing date
Landowning department check occupation on morning of hearing
If vacated order for possession application will still proceed to enable the order to be used should the land be re-occupied


If order of possession obtained

Order served by landowning department on every individual on site and site notice
Order served by landowning department on every individual on site and site notice posted
If site not vacated, Legal make an application for a warrant of possession
Court Bailiff notifies Legal of execution date
SPOC notifies Police and requests present at the date and time given
Landowning department checks occupation on morning prior
Warrant served
Landowning department check condition of area
ERF instructed for clean up if necessary
Regulatory Services contacted if abandoned animals


Private LandSPOC to contact land owner and inform other agencies

Land owned by occupierSPOC to contact Planning Enforcement to ascertain planning status

TolerateSPOC and landowning department ensure appropriate service and facilities are in place and payment arrangements

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