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ECO-Flex: Energy Efficiency Improvements

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The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a grant scheme for energy efficiency improvements. The grant can be used for improvements such as new boilers or insulation.

Do I qualify?

You could qualify for this grant if you are on a low income and:

  • You spend more than 10% of your income on heating your home.
  • You are vulnerable to the effect of living in a cold home, for example because of age or ill health.

How do I apply?

Agents or installers working for energy companies will check if you qualify by finding out about you, and how energy efficient your home is. They will then send an application to the Council. The Council only checks the application and confirms eligibility. The agent or installer will then pass your application on to the energy company. The energy company will make the final decision about your application.

If the energy company approves your application, the agent or installers should arrange for the work to be done.

Find out more information about the scheme.

Supporting documents:

Application for flexible eligibility energy company obligation (ECO) regulations (Revised September 2019)

Eco-Flex guidance for householders

Eco-Flex guidance for installers

Super-Exceeded-Energy-company-obligation-statement-of-intent - Version-1-Published-March-2019

Energy company obligation statement of intent - Version 2 (Current) Published May 2019

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