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What is affordable intermediate housing?

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What is intermediate housing?

Intermediate housing helps people get affordable housing when they cannot find what they need in the private sector.

Because households have different circumstances and incomes, affordable housing schemes offer a range of choices.

There are two types of intermediate housing:

Intermediate rentals

Intermediate rented housing is owned and let by a Registered Social Landlord. Homes are managed and maintained in the same way as social rented homes, but the rent may be higher (up to 80% of open market rent).

An intermediate rental option is for households who have an income between £16,000 and £45,000 and cannot afford a property on the open market. Households do not have to be in employment.

Intermediate home ownership

If you want to own your own property, there are different types of intermediate home ownership schemes available. Visit the Tai Teg website for information on the home ownership schemes available.

Do you qualify?

Visit the Tai Teg website to find out if you qualify to apply for intermediate home ownership

Apply for intermediate housing

If you want to apply for intermediate housing you need to sign up to our affordable housing register.

Supply of affordable housing

One of the Council’s key priorities is increasing the amount of affordable housing. We want people in Conwy to have access to affordable, good quality accommodation that improves their quality of life.

We help to provide affordable homes by:

  • Managing Conwy’s affordable housing programme development plan (PDP)
  • Working with the Planning Service to get affordable homes in new developments
  • Providing gypsy and traveller accommodation and pitches in appropriate locations

How do we know what the need is for affordable housing?

We have carried out a Local Housing Market Assessment to help us to understand the local housing need. This assessment gave us the information to develop our Local Housing Strategy, which is our vision for dealing with housing issues in Conwy over the next five years.


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