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Immigration Inspection Request

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How to make an application for an inspection to be carried out by Housing Enforcement to support an application to come to the UK.
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Housing Immigration Inspections

When someone makes an immigration application to come to the UK, they have to confirm they are moving into accommodation that is of a suitable standard that will not be made overcrowded by their arrival.


A named individual normally has to sponsor the person moving into the area and this individual or sponsor is asked by the immigration authority for proof that the property being moved into is suitable.  The British High Commission usually ask that this work is undertaken by a suitably qualified Surveyor or Environmental Health Officer. 

The survey is designed to ensure that the accommodation meets the following criteria:-

  • the property is acceptable for occupation under the Housing Act 2004
  • is in a reasonable state of repair, and
  • will not become overcrowded if they live there

Regulatory Services provide this service.  It is not a statutory function, so a fee is payable for the inspection and a letter to be produced.  The fee is payable in advance.


The fee for an immigration inspection is £150. If you need this service, please complete the form and return it to the address given on the form. The form explains how to make payment. If you pay by cheque, we will wait for confirmation that the cheque has cleared before arranging an appointment to inspect.

It is important that you provide all of the information requested on the form. If you do not, there is a possibility the High Commission will not accept the letter or that our letter will be inaccurate.

After receipt of form

After receiving the completed form and payment, an Officer will contact you to arrange a time convenient to you for the inspection to take place. During the inspection, the Officer will need to look around the whole of your property.

The Officer will then write a letter saying whether or not the property is suitable for habitation and whether it will be overcrowded if the applicant takes up residence. If the house is unsuitable to live in and/or will be overcrowded, then a letter will be sent to the sponsor that explains the problems within 2 working days of the inspection. If the sponsor carries out works to make the house suitable to live in, the officer will re-inspect after the repairs are completed (no further charge is made for this visit). If the house is then found to be suitable to live in, then a letter will be sent to the sponsor within 2 working days of the re-inspection.

If the applicant has already made their application to the High Commission, we will send the letter directly there and provide a copy for you. If no application has been made, we will give you both the original and a copy of the letter.

Once we have received your completed form and payment, we aim to make a visit and provide a letter within a maximum of 10 working days.

Application for Immigration inspection

Government Immigration & Nationality Directorate


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