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By Car/Taxi

There is adequate parking outside the Visitor Centre with  nine disabled spaces for enjoying the view from the summit, and four disabled spaces for access to the Visitor Centre's main entrance, which is approximately 22 metres away. This entrance is accessed through a one metre wide gate and down a one metre wide paved path.

By Tram

The Summit Tram Station is immediately adjacent to the other entrance to the Visitor Centre. This entrance can be accessed via a 1.7 metre wide ramp.

By Bus

There is an hourly bus service from Llandudno, which stops at the summit car park in a designated space approximately 22 metres from the Visitor Centre main entrance. Entry to the Visitor Centre is then the same for that of a car/taxi user.

Cable Car

The Summit Cable car station is approximately 130 metres from the Visitor Centre. A tarmaced path approximately 3.3 metres wide leads from the Summit Cable Car station to the main entrance of the Visitor Centre.

Arriving at the visitor centre

There is a paved walkway that runs alongside the main building with a paved ramp leading into the Visitor Centre from the Tram Station end. The doors at this entrance are motorised and can be opened using a push pad 90 cm high from the ground, designed for use by wheelchair users.  The Visitor Centre is ramped as well as stepped between levels.

The visitor centre

Pathways around the Visitor Centre are all at least 1.4 metres wide.  The Wildlife Trust Shop is 10 metres from the Tram Entrance and has a counter height of one metre and an entrance width of 89cm.  The Visitor Centre houses interactive displays and some low-level panels, but all interpretation is on easily visible information boards.  There is also an audiovisual room with a hearing loop facility and there is no charge for entry into the Visitor Centre.


The toilets are located inside the main entrance to the Visitor Centre and are standard male and female toilets in cubicles, a baby changing room and a unisex disabled toilet requiring a RADAR key to use. The disabled toilet is entered via an 85cm doorway, with the toilet itself measuring 2.2 x 2.2 metres. The disabled toilet has hand rails on the wall adjacent to the toilet, under the sink and next to the hand dryer. It also has a panic light that can be activated using the pull cord next to the toilet.  The sink has lever action taps.


There has been some upgrading of the Visitor Centre over recent years to provide ease of access wherever possible.  The information panels within the centre comprise short paragraphs with clear font but occasional detailed information captions that utilise smaller font sizes.

Staff based at the Visitor Centre are always willing to give information on any aspect of the site if this statement does not answer particular questions.

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