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Public Rights of Way

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Information on 1700km of public rights of way, including path closures
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If you have concerns about misuse of a public right of way on your land or near your property, please contact

We are responsible for approximately 1700km of public rights of way:

  • Footpaths – on foot only
  • Bridleways – horses, bicycles and on foot.
  • Restricted Byway – non-mechanically propelled vehicles such as horse and cart, horses, bicycles and on foot.
  • Byway – vehicles, horses, bicycles and on foot

Dogs and pushchairs are considered usual accompaniments on public rights of way. Dogs must be kept on a lead or under close control and must not stray away from the paths.

The county is covered by 4 OS explorer maps which indicate the rights of way.

  • OL17 Snowdon/Conwy Valley
  • OL18 Harlech/Porthmadog & Bala
  • 255 Llangollen & Berwyn
  • 264 Vale of Clwyd

Current temporary path closures

If you would like to view any of these legal orders, please contact Environment, Roads and Facilities.

LocationRight of way NoGrid ReferencesReason for closureDatesAlternative route
Bro Garmon/Betws y Coed  FP 58 (Sapper’s Bridge) SH 7983 5648 – SH 7959 5652 Danger to public due to bridge deck in need of repair Until July 2022 No alternative route
Bro Machno 7, 8, 15

FP 7 SH 8023 5273 – SH 8008 5240

FP 8 SH 7955 5232 – SH 7943 5184

FP 15 SH 8037 5259 -  SH 7968 5196

Danger to public during felling of diseased trees  Until 4 January 2023  No alternative route
Caerhun 75 SH 7599 6871 – SH 7611 6873 Danger to public due to damaged bridge Until 25 October 2022 No alternative route
Conwy 26 SH 7969 7869 – SH 8014 7909 Danger to public due to maintenance of storm storage and reservoir embankment Until 9 November 2022 Marl Lane, Galchog Road, Skerryvore Road
Deganwy/Conwy 73 SH 7862 7849 – SH 7862 7846 Danger to public Until 15 December 2022 From cycle/coast path over level crossing at Conwy Quay Marina to Station Road
Eglwysbach 34 SH 8119 6667- SH 8152 6752 Danger to public Until 15 June 2022 No alternative route
Trefriw FP 42 SH 7832 6158 – SHc7867 6156 Danger to public due to unstable footbridge Until 18 May 2022 No alternative route
Dolgarrog 3b Footpath 3a, SH 7687 6744 – SH 7692 6749 Danger to public due to storm damage Until 20 July 2022 Along Hillside Cottages
Llanfairfechan FP 01a SH 6763 7518 – SH 6673 7480 Danger to public due to undermined path from coastal erosion Until 1 August 2022  
Llangernyw FP 50 SH 8835 6666 – SH 8817 6676 Danger due to land collapse Until 16 November 2022 No alternative routes
Betws y Coed FP 18, 19, 31

FP 18 SH 7803 5676 – SH 7798 5692

FP 19 SH 7792 5687 – SH 7802 5704

FP 31 SH 7825 5675

Danger to public during bridge installation Until July 2022 No alternative routes
Betws y Coed FP’s 33,34,35,37

FP 33 SH 7714 5755 – SH 7779 5684 FP 34 SH 7745 5713 – SH 7695 5673

FP 35 SH 7758 5710 – 7721 5684

FP 37 SH 7725 5640 – SH 7728 5674

Danger to public during harvesting operations Until July 2022 No alternative routes
Llangwm FP 12

SH 9365 4623 – SH9376 4553

Danger to public due to construction work Until October 2022  Along county road 


Landowners & Occupiers

We have a legal duty to maintain free passage along rights of way.

Occasionally this may involve serving notices on landowners or occupiers to remove obstructions. We prefer to work in partnership with landowners and occupiers to resolve these issues in a timely manner.

How we can help:

  • offer advice on the route of a right of way
  • arrange on site meetings to discuss any issues
  • provide waymarkers and signage to keep users on the correct route
  • permit and provide stiles and gates along the route, if you agree to maintain them to a suitable standard

Register of Landowners Declarations and Deposits under S 31(6) Highways Act 1980

Definitive Map & Statement

The Definitive Map and Statement is the legal record of the public rights of way network. If you would like to view this, please contact us.

The Definitive Map and Statement can only be amended by a legal order.

  • Public Path Orders create, divert or remove a public right of way under the Highways Act 1980 or the Town & Country Planning Act 1990

  • Definitive Map Modification Orders amend the Map and Statement by adding, removing or changing the status of routes based on evidence, under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981

  • Other Orders temporarily close or divert routes affected by work or where damage on a route poses a danger to the public, under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

To apply for any of these legal orders please contact our contact Environment, Roads and Facilities.

Recent Orders

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