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Consultation Feedback

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Summary of consultation feedback on road layout and promenade improvements at Rhos on Sea
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About the consultation

The road layout and promenade improvements consultation ran from Friday 26 August to Friday 9 September, with an online version and four public open days at the site office on Rhos on Sea promenade.

The consultation materials explained the reasons for the proposed road layout changes, giving information on the community benefit aspects of the scheme which need the space of a wider promenade. These include play areas, road safety improvements, a pedestrian-only route, improved Active Travel route, and health and leisure improvements.

The consultation information included a review of the long-list and short-list of road layout options considered by the project team, including options suggested by the community. Each short-list option was assessed on social impacts, effects on pedestrians and cyclists, effects on vehicles and public transport, and effects on environment.

The consultation gave the community the opportunity to consider the road layout proposals in the context of the scheme as a whole. Acknowledging the range of views, residents were asked to provide feedback on what was important to them.

Consultation responses

390 responses were submitted at the public open days and 304 responses were submitted through our online consultation. This is a total of 694 formal responses to the consultation.

The feedback forms gave people the opportunity to tell us how important aspects of the scheme were to them. Each aspect was scored out of 10, with 10 being very important and 0 being not important at all.

We have combined the feedback and ranked the aspects according to the average score they received:

  1. Pedestrian-only walkway along the seawall
  2. Improved Active Travel route
  3. New leisure and health benefits
  4. Safe parking close to the beach
  5. Effect of new traffic layout on Cayley Promenade
  6. Culture and arts
  7. West Promenade remaining 2-way for traffic
  8. Play areas

We also asked people to give us comments about the proposed road layout and promenade improvements. Some people told us they were concerned about the safety and traffic flow implications of moving some of the traffic from West Promenade up to Cayley Promenade.

Other feedback included requests for public toilets and a beach shower or foot wash.

The project team has considered all the feedback provided, and will look at suggested improvements to the plans.

Next steps

A report will go to the Council’s Cabinet on 8 November to decide on the final scheme layout. Following this, some of the changes, such as double yellow lines, will need a Traffic Regulation Order before work can begin.


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