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Public art feature near Combermere Gardens

A vertical artwork feature will act as a gateway to attract visitors from the beach and waterfront to Rhos-on-Sea town centre. It will be designed to be seen from West Promenade, Rhos Road and the Rhos promenade junction. The unique art feature will reflect the history and culture of the town. 

Postcard Pavings

ac1We will continue the feature postcard pavings which are a popular part of the Colwyn Bay promenade. The postcards’ themes and topics will reflect and draw attention to key elements of Rhos on Sea’s history and heritage. QR codes will encourage people to learn more.

Water Fountain

ac2We will preserve two important historical elements of the promenade. The water fountain, currently located south of Rhos Harbour, will be relocated to the new activity zone. If possible, we aim to provide a new water supply to the fountain. We will also retain the water trough from the foot of the Cayley Embankment.

Cultural Totem Poles

Timber totem poles will be installed with information panels and carved artwork unique to the scheme. These will create a focal point at various locations along the promenade. 

Shelter Art Spaces

We will be working closely with Oriel Môr to use the new shelters as ‘pop up’ art galleries and tie in with existing art projects in the wider area. These will be flexible spaces meaning that they can be changed to carry new exhibits. 

Accessibility of art and culture

ac3All these elements and other useful information about the new promenade will be made available to blind and partially sighted users through technology. NaviLens is a specially designed navigation and labelling app - we will be working closely with the RNIB to use it effectively on the scheme. 


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