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We have secured funding to replace the existing kiosks with modern facilities. The locations of the new kiosks are shown on the main plan (numbers 11 and 12). We are working closely with our contractors and the tenants of the existing kiosks to keep them open for as long as possible before they are demolished.

lesiure1Event spacesThe events areas will be open, flexible spaces where local groups and organisations can have meet-ups and mini events. They will also give local businesses opportunities to set up temporary stalls. The paving will use patterns from Welsh tapestry designs to provide a unique element to the space.

lesiure2Picnic furnitureThe new picnic furniture will include accessible spaces for wheeled users, providing a space for people to stop and enjoy the new promenade and beach. We will also be installing ‘Happy to Chat’ benches to encourage social interaction.

lesiure3SheltersThe shelters include new features such as solar power lighting and are designed to be accessible for wheelchair and mobility scooter users. The closed design of the old shelters made anti-social behaviour easier and led to their condition deteriorating. The new shelters will provide respite from the weather but with comparatively open sides, to stop the same problems happening again. 

lesiure4Planters and BenchesNew waterfront planting will include low and raised planters with groundcover planting, and trees in raised planters along the activity zone. The raised planters protect the trees and the edges will also provide seating.

There will be a variety of different seating types along the promenade to provide places to stop and take in the surroundings. The seating will be carefully placed to separate different areas of the promenade, removing the need for bollards or other barriers. 

lesiure5Cycle stands and cycle repair stationThere will be three sets of cycle stands along the promenade, allowing cyclists on the National Route 5 to stop for a break. There will also be a bike repair station for running repairs and pumping tyres. 

lesiure7Health markersThere will be markers in the surface at 50m intervals, continuing from the Colwyn Bay promenade. These can be used as a training aid for walkers and runners and will encourage physical activity along the promenade.

lesiure6Outdoor gym
Play and exercise equipment will be placed along the top of the Cayley Embankment. The equipment has been specially chosen for older people to exercise joints and for gentle exertions for the heart and muscles, but can used by all age groups.


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