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We investigated different solutions to give the extra promenade width we need to provide the safety improvements and wider benefits of the project.

1. Widening the promenade onto the beach

In previous phases, we have made extra width on the promenade by building a new seawall on the beach. This created a promenade which was wider and higher. In those sections, the promenade was lower and more exposed. This is not the case for the Rhos on Sea section, and we couldn’t justify the high cost of building a new sea wall which wasn’t needed.

2. Removing the parking along the embankment side of the promenade

long1Another way to get extra width along West Promenade and solve the crossing safety issue, is to remove the parallel parking from along the bottom of the Cayley Embankment. This would lose a large number of parking spaces in an area where parking is currently oversubscribed during busier periods.Removing this parking would mean a large increase in visitors driving around the residential area behind the Cayley Embankment looking for places to park, causing traffic flow problems and parking difficulties. Visitors to the beach would also have to walk long distances back and forth. 

3. Building a large retaining wall along the Cayley Embankment

long2During earlier consultations, some people suggested building a large retaining wall along the toe of the Cayley Embankment. This would give some extra width while keeping 2-way traffic along West Promenade. We looked into this option in detail, but it was not a practical solution. The cost of such a large structure would use all the funding available for the wider benefits, meaning we couldn’t afford the play areas, shelters, seating and planters. When we investigated the site, we found a large 2.1m x 2.1m box culvert that runs under the toe of the embankment - it would not be practical to build such a large retaining structure so close to this culvert.

4. Raising the level of the prom up the side of the Cayley Embankment

Another option suggested to us during the consultation was raising the road level up against the embankment. We investigated this, but raising the road high enough to gain enough width would cause slopes (cross falls) on the highway and the promenade which were too severe.

5. Closing West Promenade to all through traffic

long3The original preferred option was to move all traffic up onto Cayley Promenade, with limited parking available at either end of the Cayley Embankment. While this option would give the maximum amount of space for the extra benefits, there were also drawbacks to this plan. This layout would reduce the amount of parking available next to the beach and move all the through traffic in both directions onto Cayley Promenade. We didn’t continue with this option so we could find a better compromise solution.


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