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Overview of Coastal Defence Proposals

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Overview of Coastal Defence Proposals

What’s the problem?

The coastal defences along this stretch of coastline are in varying conditions. They were not designed for the projected sea level rise and increasing storminess we can expect in the future

What are the plans?

The present coastal defence at Towyn Revetment, in front of the Golden Sands holiday park, includes a large rock armour barricade. The rock armour is in a good state of repair but does not provide enough protection from the sea level rise or increasing storminess. The proposals include raising and widening the rock armour and raising the seawall.

The coastal defence along the frontage at Kinmel Bay West includes a seawall with no rock armour. The western seawall is currently too low to give sufficient coastal flood protection, so the proposals include raising the seawall to increase protection.

Kinmel Bay East currently has a seawall with rock armour protection. This rock armour will be raised and widened, and the seawall will be raised.

Artistic bird's eye view of rock armour and coastal path proposals:

Artistic bird’s eye view of rock armour and promenade proposals


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