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Local toilet strategy

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Conwy County is home to 118,200 residents, with 29% aged 65 and over and 3% aged under 2. There are currently 48 public toilets that are managed by the Council and 3 public toilets run by town and community councils, which include 41 disabled toilets and 22 baby changing facilities.

There are also 18 businesses across Conwy County that are part of the Community Toilet Scheme and receive funding from the Local Authority to make their toilet facilities accessible to the public without the need to make a purchase.

This strategy aims to review the provision of toilets in Conwy County to ensure the service can continue in a way which is sustainable in the current and future financial pressures whilst meeting the needs of residents and visitors to Conwy. In a time of financial pressure for Local Authorities, we have to make decisions which could affect the public toilet service. These decisions will involve a review of current provision and consultation with stakeholders.

With reduced funding available for providing the service we will look at ways to continue providing toilets in Conwy County on a cost neutral basis.

To enable this we will:
  • Explore opportunities to work with town and community councils to keep local toilets open when they might otherwise be closed. Consultation will be undertaken with Local Members and the local Town or Community Council before any facilities are closed.
  • Work collaboratively across the Council to make toilets at existing Council buildings available to the public. These sites are located around Conwy and include leisure centres, tourist information centres, town halls, theatres and libraries. 
  • Engage with local businesses and encourage them to make their toilets available to the public.
  • Review the Community Toilet Scheme with a view to improving the quality and range of facilities available at businesses that are signed up to the scheme.
  • Review the current charging arrangements and consider additional paid-for toilets where appropriate.
  • Maximise grant funding opportunities to enhance the provision of local toilets in Conwy. 
  • Encourage the use of the national public toilet logo at all premises where toilets are available for public use.

Conwy Council’s Local Toilet Strategy was approved at Cabinet in November 2023, an interim progress report will be produced and published 2 years after the Strategy was approved.


Conwy County Borough Council Local Toilet Strategy (PDF, 0.6MB)

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