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Swimming Lesson FAQs

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When will swimming lessons will start again?

We are pleased to inform you that we are planning to restart swimming lessons on Monday 16th November at all Conwy Leisure centres. Please note that initially we will be offering lessons for children in Wave 3 and above, with the exception of Colwyn Leisure Centre who will be trialling Wave 1 & 2. We hope that all sites will be able to provide the full range of swimming lessons from January 2021.

Will I be able to re-join lessons?

Yes. We are restricted due to social distancing and pool capacities at present, so spaces are limited. If you haven’t been contacted already, you will be contacted by a member of our dedicated team to confirm dates and times of your child’s lessons.  

What are you doing to make sure lessons are safe when we re-start? 

We want to assure you that behind the scenes, we are taking every necessary precaution, and we’re implementing a series of measures to ensure a safe return to lessons for our members. The changes that you’ll see when you return to the pool have been made in accordance with the guidelines we have received from both government and Swim Wales. There will be strict social distancing requirements and increased hygiene procedures.

Are swimming pools safe?  

Yes, chlorine is known to kill covid-19 virus in current research.

Will equipment be cleaned and safe? 

Yes. Equipment will be cleaned between each lesson and we will be following official guidelines by limiting some of the equipment we use.

How do I enter and exit the swimming facilities? 

Prior to you attending swimming lesson we will inform you of the requirements specific to each swimming pool. We ask you to adhere to these at all times.

Will changing rooms be available? 

Changing rooms will be open, however, we will be asking swimmers to arrive “beach ready” to limit the use of the changing rooms to after lessons only. This means having swimwear under clothes that are easy to remove on poolside.We also ask that swimmers use our showers to “rinse only”, and to change and exit the changing rooms as quickly as possible.

What changes should we expect for the classes?

In line with guidance from Swim Wales, all of our teachers will teach from outside of the water. This is the safest way to deliver, meaning teachers can social distance whilst still having full view of all swimmers and being able to be close enough should a swimmer need support. Other than this all lessons are taught the same way.

Will numbers of swimmers per class be lower? 

In some instances the number of children per classes will be lower in order for us to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Our ratios will depend on each individual swimming pool capacity, and rest assured will be within the Swim Wales guidelines.

Are adults still able to view lessons from poolside at my venue? 

There will be restrictions on the numbers of people we can accommodate on the premises and on poolside. Each venue has different capacity and guidelines and you will receive further information at the time of booking. If you have any specific queries, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Leisure Centre.

Will my other child be allowed to attend the Leisure Centre with me? 

As from Monday 30th November we would prefer if you only bring the child that attends the swimming lesson, however we understand that this is sometimes not possible and you may have to bring a sibling along. Please note there are restrictions on the numbers we can accommodate on the premises, so check with your local Leisure Centre first.

Will we still have the same teacher? 

We are doing everything possible to keep each class with the same teacher. For continuation purposes we recognise this is really important so we will do everything we can to make it happen. There are recommendations for teachers to stay at the same poolside area, however we feel we can move on poolside and still keep social distancing.

What happens if my child or a family member is experiencing covid-19 symptoms? 

If you, your swimmer, any member of your household or contact bubble displays any symptoms, then we ask you to follow the government recommendations which can be read here:

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