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Parking Dispensations

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Parking dispensations allow workers, mainly building contractors carrying out refurbishment works to premises to overstay the restrictions in place, due to the nature of the work.
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The council can provide parking dispensations at £13.00 per vehicle per day for up to a period of a week.

When you apply for a dispensation, we will visit the site visit to make sure that it is safe to issue a permit, dependant on the location and restriction in place in the area.

Parking Dispensation Application (PDF, 222KB)

Parking Dispensation Conditions of use

  • The dispensation must be clearly displayed by attaching it to the inside of the vehicles windscreen so that all details on the front side can be clearly read by a Civil Enforcement Officer or Police Officer.
  • The dispensation can only be used for the stated vehicle in connection with the purpose and at the location during the periods shown.
  • Unless stated to the contrary on the dispensation, the vehicle must NOT be parked in a disabled person's bay, bays reserved for doctors, bus stops, and motorcycles, on an area subject to a loading ban, on a footway or grass verge, on a school entrance zigzag or on a pedestrian crossing.
  • The vehicle must be parked so that it creates no hazard to pedestrians or other road users, does not obstruct sight lines at junctions, does not obstruct access or cause obstruction to the free flow of traffic.
  • This dispensation does not permit general parking at the location stated. The motorist must move the vehicle elsewhere and within the regulations once the purpose stated has been accomplished.
  • The applicant / driver must provide a telephone number or address where they can be contacted immediately, which will be entered on to the dispensation.
  • The person responsible for the vehicle must move it if instructed to by a Civil Enforcement Officer or Police Officer.
  • Failure to comply with these conditions will lead to the withdrawal of the dispensation. Additionally, a Penalty Charge Notice may be served on the vehicle under the terms of the Road Traffic Act 1991.

Notes to applicant

  1. Dispensations will only be granted in exceptional or pressing circumstances and are not intended to provide "convenience" parking. Parking a van containing small hand tools or materials for the day's work or a vehicle that carries workers to and from a site are considered "convenience parking". The normal regulations for loading / unloading or setting down passengers already cover these eventualities. Generally speaking dispensations are only relevant to cope with major site deliveries and refurbishments, which may take more than 20 minutes to complete.
  2. Each application must be accompanied by payment of £13.00. Payment can be made by postal order or cheque made payable to Conwy County Borough Council) and returned with your completed application to:

    Parking Services
    Conwy County Borough Council
    PO BOX 146
    LL30 9BR
  3. Payment is for the assessment of the application and does not guarantee the issue of a dispensation or parking space
  4. It will normally take at least 48 hours for a parking dispensation application to be processed. Time should be added for delays caused by the post. Genuine emergency situations will not be subject to the 48 hour notice period.
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