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Accidents and Spillages

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We are responsible for dealing with accidents and spillages of a range of materials that may be hazardous to road users. When these incidents occur we endeavour to recover such costs against the parties responsible
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These incidents, when reported are treated as an emergency and need specific treatment methods that may include special risk assessments and emergency procedures. We do not have a duty to clear up spillages on private roads or other areas, such as office car parks or garage sites.

Oil and Diesel Spillage

An oil or diesel spill can cause the road surface to become slippery so needs to be cleaned up as quickly as possible. This is done by applying sand to the area and placing warning signs at the roadside. A petrol spillage will evaporate into the atmosphere. Hazardous substances and chemical spillage

Hazardous spillages would be dealt with by the emergency services in the first instance.

Emergency Closures

The police and highway authority have the power to close a road without any warning if a significant hazard is identified.

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