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Driveway Access

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Protect your driveway access
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If parked vehicles often block your driveway you may want to apply for access protection markings at the entrance to your drive.

This is a white marking similar to an elongated capital "H" painted across the access. The marking can extend to a maximum of 1 metre beyond the limits of the access onto the highway.

Unlike yellow lines, the access protection marking is not a parking restriction. It is provided to highlight the existence of a pedestrian, cycle or vehicle access onto the highway.

How much does it cost?

There is a fixed charge of £182.88 for the road marking.

If you would like to arrange an inspection of your access or ask us about the cost for your driveway, please contact our team.

What is the law about parking across a driveway?

It is an offence to park across a dropped kerb. However, there are exemptions that allow a driver to park in front of residential premises with the consent of the owner of the premises, if there are no parking restrictions on the road. Drivers are also allowed to stop to load and unload goods.

If you need to report an obstruction, you should call the Police on the 101 telephone number.

The Council has the power to enforce “parking adjacent to a dropped kerb”, which is used to keep pedestrian crossings, cycle lanes and access to businesses free of parked vehicles. We have no powers to remove the vehicle and can only issue a Penalty Charge Notice.

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