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Paying the Authority for services (Sundry Invoices) - Frequently Asked Questions

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Answers to questions you may have about paying for services (Sundry Invoices). These include: What to do if you are struggling to pay, changing the date of your payment, what will happen to you if you do not pay. And how to pay for multiple services.

Q. What reference do I give when making payment or contacting the Income section?

A. Every invoice has a 9 digit numeric reference number. You only need to use the 9 digit numeric reference that commence


Q. I can't pay the whole sum at once, what can I do?

A. Contact the Income Section to discuss a suitable repayment schedule.

Q. Is there any extra charge for paying by Direct Debit or in instalments?

A. No, there is no extra charge for paying by Direct Debit or in instalments

Q. I have  signed a Direct Debit mandate but I’ve received an invoice. Do I still pay it?

A. If you have a Direct Debit Mandate in place, your invoice should state that it is for information only or include a letter confirming the dates and amounts of the Direct Debit to be collected. 

Q. Is there a minimum instalment amount that you will accept?

A. The instalment amount will depend on the amount owed; however we do not accept instalments of less that £5.00

Q. I have had a Summons and I disagree with the claim, what do I do now?

A. You must enter a defence by completing the form supplied in the pack from the Court. An inability to pay the sum due is not a defence.

Q. I have  been charged for a service I didn't receive, who do I contact?

A. Contact the Income Section immediately so the matter can be passed to the relevant department and further recovery action suspended until the matter is resolved.

Q. If I wish to pay a number of invoices at the same time, do I have to write out separate cheques for each one?

A. No, just one cheque is fine but you must indicate what the payment is for by writing the details on the back of the cheque or attaching the details to the payment.

Q. Is there a charge to pay at the Post Office?

A. No, you can pay by cash or cheque free of charge but you must have your invoice with you to make payment.

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