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The Building Control Act of 1984 requires for the Local Authority to be advised in writing of any proposed demolition works to the whole or part of the building It is an offence to start any demolition works without giving six weeks notice prior to commencement of demolition.
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You will need to apply for a formal decision on whether the council wishes to approve these details before you start demolition. This is what is called a "prior approval application". Please contact us and we will explain what this involves.

If the Building is in a Conservation Area

If the building is in a conservation area or is a listed building then Listed Building Consent will also be required. It is an offence to make any alteration or demolition of a listed building without the said permission (More information on conservation areas).

The owner or the demolition contractor is also required to provide the following parties with a copy of the notice which they serve on the Council.

  • The owners of any building adjacent to the building to be demolished
  • Gas Authority
  • Water Authority
  • Electricity Authority

Section 80 Demolition Notice

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