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Complain about a High Hedge

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High hedges can have a detrimental effect on your house or garden and as such powers to deal with them were brought in under Part 8 of the Anti social Behaviour Act 2003.
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The legislation in relation to high hedges differs to other nuisances in that there is a requirement that those affected by the effects of a high hedge try to resolve the matter with their neighbour in the first instance. It is important to keep full records of your attempts to resolve the situation and the responses you receive from your neighbours.

If you are unable to resolve the matter you can make a complaint to the council but there may be a charge if the initial contact with the hedge owner doesn’t resolve the problem. Conwy CBC currently charge £320 for making a complaint.

What happens if the Authority doesn't agree with my complaint?

The Local Authority may not decide to proceed with a complaint if it considers that:

  • the complainant has not taken all reasonable steps to resolve the matters complained of without involving the council
  • the complaint is frivolous or vexatious
  • the complaint falls outside the scope of the Act.

In any of these events, the council will inform the complainant as soon as they can, explaining the reasons for their decision. The fee will not be refunded. There is no specific right of appeal against a council decision not to proceed with a high hedge complaint, but if someone feels the council  has not dealt properly with their case, they can complain via the council's complaint procedure, or to a Local Government Ombudsman.

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