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Recycling and Waste Policies and Guidelines

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In this section, you can learn more about the policies that guide Conwy’s recycling and waste services.
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No Side Waste and Closed Lid Policy

Collection crews will only collect refuse that is at the kerbside in a closed wheelie bin. They will not collect:

  • extra bags or items that are next to the wheelie bin
  • wheelie bins that are overflowing and the lid cannot fully close

If you have extra waste or the lid on your wheelie bin will not fully close because of excessive waste, please take the waste to a Household Recycling Centre.

Second Bin Guidelines

In general, each household gets one 240l wheelie bin. But there are certain circumstances when a household can have a second wheelie bin.

If you have 6 or more people living in your household, you can request a second wheelie bin as long as you are recycling all you can. We will ask about your circumstances and check you qualify when you apply for extra bin space.

If there are fewer than 6 people living in the household, the second bin will be removed.

All households can request extra recycling containers.

Household Recycling Centre and Van Permit Policy

All Conwy residents can use the Household Recycling Centres in Mochdre and Abergele to dispose of household waste and recycling safely and conveniently.

To avoid traders unlawfully using the Household Recycling Centres, we have set up a permit scheme so that residents can use their own vehicles, works vehicles or hired vehicles to visit the centres.

If you own a van or commercial-type vehicle that is not sign-written, you can apply for a Domestic Van Permit. This will entitle you to 20 visits to the centres per year.  If you own a vehicle with sign writing or if you have hired a vehicle, you can apply for a Single Use permit, which gives you one visit per permit. You can apply for two Single Use permits per year.

See our Van and Commercial-Type Vehicle Permits page for more information and to apply online or download an application form.

If you would like to contact us about waste and recycling policies and initiatives, please fill in this form.

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