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What if I can't visit a Household Recycling Centre?

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If you can’t visit a Household Recycling Centre, there are other options to help you get rid of your waste.
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If you can’t visit a Household Recycling Centre, there is usually an alternative available – although please be aware that the Council can’t give support or help in every circumstance.

I have trouble getting to a Household Recycling Centre

If you can’t visit or if you would have difficulty using a Household Recycling Centre, the Council offers a paid-for Bulky Waste Collection Service. Staff will come to your property and remove large or bulky items. Items which cannot be accepted at Household Recycling Centres will not usually be eligible for a Bulky Waste collection.

To find out more information, including how to book and pay, please visit the Bulky Waste Collection page.

I’ve got commercial waste that I wasn’t allowed to take to the site

If you have small recyclable items or waste material from the day-to-day running of your business (for example, bags of cans, glass, paper or plastic) then the law says you must use a licenced trade waste carrier. You will need to keep proof of your consignments (known as a Controlled Waste Transfer Note) on your premises at all times. You should be able to produce these on request for Council or Natural Resources Wales officers.

For more information, please visit our Commercial Recycling & Waste page.

If you need to dispose of larger items such as furniture, electrical equipment or heavy industrial plant, you will need to find a private (third party) specialist contractor, as the Council does not offer a service for this.

I’ve been turned away from the Household Recycling Centre because I have too much of one type of waste.

The Household Recycling Centres operate under a ‘fair usage’ policy. If you have an exceedingly large quantity of the same thing (for example if you collect items as a hobby and then wish to get rid of boxes of the same item) our site staff may not allow you to leave all your waste in one go. This is to allow others a fair chance to use the sites until the containers can be emptied.

If this happens to you, you can take smaller quantities of your items to both sites. If you need to dispose of all of your items at the same time, you may need to hire a specialist (private) waste removal company.

I have another type of waste that is not accepted at a Household Recycling Centre

The Council tries to accept as many types of waste as possible from residents, but there are some items which we cannot accept for legal reasons or Health & Safety concerns.

More information on this is available here: What items can't I take to a Household Recycling Centre?

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