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Reuse - how to avoid landfill

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Reusing items is much better than sending them to landfill or even recycling. Here’s how to do it.
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The Three Rs of waste management are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Reusing items is much better for the environment than sending them to landfill or even recycling them. Reusing saves new resources and energy.

Plenty of household items still have life left in them, even when we’re tired of them or we’ve upgraded.

Furniture and large household appliances

  • You can pay for a bulky collection for furniture and large household items such as fridges, cookers and washing machines that you don’t need any more.

Items are taken to Crest Cooperative to repair and donate or sell on. Items which can’t be reused as they are can be used for parts or recycled. 

Find out more about bulky collections

  • British Heart Foundation offers a free collection service for furniture, household electricals and specialist items which can be resold in their shops. They also have a house clearance service.
  • You can take items to the Household Recycling Centres for free. The Mochdre Reuse Shop salvages reusable items and sells them on to support St David’s Hospice.

    Find out more about the Reuse Shop


  • Every two weeks, you can put out clothing, bags and shoes for kerbside collection. Items are laundered and reused by Crest Cooperative.

Find out more about purple bag clothing collections

  • Many charities also welcome donations of good quality clothes, books, bags, toys and shoes.

Small electricals

  • Every two weeks, you can put out small electricals for kerbside collection. Items are repaired and reused by Crest Cooperative.

Find out more about pink bag electricals collections.

Repair broken items

Repair Cafes help people make the most of items they already have.  Anyone can bring household items, technology, bikes and clothing along and the volunteer experts will do their best to repair.

Find your nearest repair café and next dates.

There are Repair Cafés in Conwy, Colwyn Bay and Llandudno.

Make money on your unwanted stuff

Instead of throwing them away, get some money back by selling your items locally on or Facebook Marketplace.

Pass it on

Donate your items to a new home through Conwy Freegle. Your old stuff may be exactly what someone needs!


If you would like to try an alternative to disposable nappies to save money and help the environment, we offer cash back on real nappies.

Sign up for a Real Nappies demonstration.

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