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Top Tips For Windy Days

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Conwy is one of the best counties in Wales for recycling. It's great that Conwy residents want to do their bit to help the environment but occasionally, high winds can cause problems on collection days.
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Follow these recycling tips when the weather turns for the worst, to help prevent litter and keep your community tidy:

  • If your recycling containers are only half-full and you can manage, think about waiting until next week to leave them out when the weather may be calmer
  • Make sure the boxes are stacked securely on your Trolibocs trolley,
  • If you have a green kerbside box, please use a lid to stop your recycling from blowing out
  • Put containers out on the morning of your collection to keep them out of the wind. Instead of putting your recycling out the night before - please put them out in the morning by 7am
  • Stop your recycling containers from blowing away by bringing them back in as soon as you can after your collection
  • Make sure that all your refuse fits in your bin and that the lid is closed. If the lid is up, the wind may catch it and blow rubbish down your street
  • Put your refuse in bags before you put it in your bin. This will stop waste from blowing out if the lid blows open
  • Our crews will pick up materials they drop and may be able to pick up wind-blown items close to containers. But they cannot always pick up items that have blown long distances down the street. Please report any serious litter problems to or 01492 575337
  • Our crews will try to minimize the chance of your containers blowing away by returning them carefully. Your Trolibocs may be left on its side to stop it blowing over

Thank you for recycling and for helping to keep your neighbourhood clean and tidy.

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