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Which container should I use?

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Find out what items you can recycle and which bin or container you should use.
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See this recycling information in British Sign Language (BSL) here.

Type of ContainerMaterials
Trolibocs (top box) or Green Bag

Office paper
Junk mail
White/coloured envelopes
Greeting cards
Grey/white card
Books without spines or covers

Trolibocs (middle box) or White Bag

Plastic bottles
Plastic containers and tubs
Drink cartons
Tetra Pak cartons
Food and drink cans and tins

No plastic bags or wrappers, no hard plastic such as toys or washing up bowls.

Please rinse out before you recycle – squash your recycling to make more space.

Trolibocs (bottom box) or Green Box

Bottles and jars
Brown cardboard
Brown envelopes
Brown paper
Toilet roll tubes

No broken glass – please wrap broken glass and crockery securely and put in your black bin.

Food Waste Bin

Tea bags
Kitchen paper
Pet food

No pet waste.

Battery Bag
Household batteries
Rechargeable batteries
Textile Bag

Clean clothing
Shoes (tied in pairs)

Please do not put bric a brac in your purple textile collection bag.

Contact Crest for replacement purple bags on 01492 596783 or

You can also pick up these bags from your local library.

If you live in a rural area please call 01492 596783 to book your collection.

Small Electronics Bag

Any small appliances that fit in the bag such as:
Electronic toys
Mobile phones
CD/DVD players
Hair dryers and straighteners

Contact Crest for replacement pink bags on 01492 596783 or You can also pick up these bags from your local library.

If you live in a rural area please call 01492 596783 to book your collection.

Podback Coffee Pods Bag

Plastic and aluminium pods should be recycled using Podback collection bags - white bags for aluminium pods, green bags for plastic pods.

You will need to sign up for the Podback service to get bags.

Sign up and order your FREE recycling bags on the Podback website.

Refuse Bin

Plastic bags and wrappers
Plastic film
Animal waste
Crisp packets

Please wrap broken glass and crockery securely and put it in your black bin.

If the collection crew notices an incorrect item in your Trolibocs (such as plastic film in the plastics box) this item will be left behind.

Plastic wrap and plastic bags

We’re not able to take these in your kerbside recycling. There are collection points at many local supermarkets. The Wales Recycles website can help you find your nearest collection point.


You can recycle energy efficient light bulbs at our household recycling centres and some stores.

Older style 'incandescent' bulbs aren't recyclable and should be put in your black bin.

Nappies and incontinence products

Do you use a lot of nappies or incontinence products? Find out more information about our weekly Disposable Nappy and Incontinence Products Collection Service.

Medical waste

Needles and syringes must be taken to a needle exchange – ask your doctor if you do not have a sharps box.

If you have infectious clinical waste, please contact your community nurse to arrange a clinical waste collection by the Health Board.

Still not sure?

If you are not sure which bin or container you should use or if you need advice on recycling, please contact the Advice Team or call 01492 575337.

You can also send a photo of any item you are not sure about to , and we will let you know if it can be recycled.



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