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Families First

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Find out about support for families in Conwy and apply for Families First funding for projects.
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What support is available for families in Conwy?

Click here for the Family Information Service, where you can find out about support available for families in Conwy, including projects funded by Families First.

See below for a list of all the projects funded by Families First.

Can I apply for funding for a project?

When funding opportunities are available they are advertised through CVSC and the Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Network. Click here for details.

How are the projects monitored?

Copies of the report card used to monitor and evaluate Families First projects, and guidance for filling in the report card, are available upon request.

What do we do in Conwy to achieve better health and wellbeing, education and employment for families living in poverty?

The aim of the Families First programme is to achieve better health, wellbeing, education and resilience for families living in poverty. We aim to achieve this in several ways:

  • Conwy Family Centres: Based on the success of the Llanrwst Family Centre in supporting families, we are establishing Family Centres across Conwy for families to access support, activities and 3rd sector/voluntary organisations.
  • Commissioning: We identify local needs and work with the Conwy People’s Partnership, and other partnerships across North Wales, to decide what can be done to address those needs.
  • Projects: We fund projects to support vulnerable families across Conwy. These projects will also be working in the Family Centres.
  • Learning Sets: We share what we have done and what has been successful with partnerships all over North Wales

How were the projects chosen?

We carried out research to identify the key issues which needed to be addressed to achieve better health, wellbeing, education and resilience for families in poverty in Conwy.

Key issues which emerged from the research:

  • Mental and emotional health
  • Family breakdown and domestic abuse
  • Money and finances
  • Employment
  • Information
  • Children with disabilities

We then assessed the grant applications and selected projects for funding which we believe could have the greatest impact towards addressing these issues. See below for full and summarised versions of our research report.

Need anything else?

Please feel free to contact the team for any further information:


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