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Understanding Mentalising for Foster carers

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Course details:

Mentalising is a skill that we acquire as we develop, during our childhood and beyond. It is how we understand one another and is a core part of forming and maintaining (as well as enjoying) relationships. It is how we see ourselves from the outside and see someone else from the inside. It means we can make sense of others’ and our own behaviour and feelings, and use our understanding to anticipate what we and others’ will do next. This workshop will give you an introduction to mentalising and how you can use it in your parenting of children in care.

Course aims and objectives:


  • To explain what mentalising is, how it develops, and why it is important in parenting
  • To use mentalising skills in parenting children who have experienced developmental trauma


  • To know what mentalising is and how it develops during childhood (ages and stages, how to support it, how it is disrupted)
  • To understand how mentalising helps us form attachments
  • To understand the importance of self-reflection in parenting
  • To be aware of the difference that increased and deliberate mentalising can make in our interactions and therefore relationships, including when managing challenging behaviours
  • To have an introductory set of skills to begin applying mentalising in your day-to-day parenting

For further information, or if you have booked a place on the course and have not received notification to attend please contact the Workforce Development & Learning Administrative Team. Please do not turn up to any course unless you have received notification of your place as the event may be fully booked.

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